Five garden & flower shows for you to enjoy in September!

Summer may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t some great opportunities to get out and enjoy some good old fashioned British horticulture! Gardening and flower shows are still going on all around the country, so before the leaves are gone and the nights start drawing in we want to give you the five best shows you should keep an eye out for in September.

Each show tries to bring something unique, meaning we have five quite different options for you throughout the month. Many have advanced or family ticket discounts, so be sure to book ahead!

Dundee Flower and Food Festival: 5th-7th September
Camperdown Country Park, Dundee



Something a little bit different, I’m sure you’ll agree. Don’t let the fact that you’re at a flower show get in the way of enjoying some great food! Special celebrity chefs Nick Nairn and Paul Rankin and the likes of Jim McColl and Carole Baxter from The Beechgrove Garden don’t just put on a great show but can also give you their great expertise.

There’s also a wide range of competitions to enter, from cut flowers and potted plants to floral arrangements, fruit, vegetables and even wine. Entertainment is on offer too, with everything from the Scottish tribal band Clanadonia, wondering performers The Strolling Gardeners and street theatre show Grow Your Own making the entire festival a great opportunity for people of all ages to kick back and relax.

Price: Day ticket £12.00 Adult, £11.00 Concession, Three Day ticket £20.00 Adult, £22.00 Concession


Theale Flower Show: 6th September
Theale, Berkshire



The Theale Flower Show has had to change things up as of late, with the loss of their usual marquee. However, they’ve bounced back and will be showcasing their ever-popular show across the village, deciding to stage it in Christ’s Church, the village hall and the neighbouring orchard and fields. It’s one of the more personal flower shows on offer in the UK, with a great sense of community underpinning all the fun to be had. Take in the sights of the wonderful countryside and local artists and you might just find yourself coming back next year to meet everyone all over again.

Price: £2.00 per person, Under 16s Free


Harrogate Autumn Flower Show: 12th-14th September
Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate, North Yorkshire


The Autumn Harrogate show is taking quite a ‘community’ angle to their events this year. Amid all of their usual big garden brilliance, they’re also creating the new Inspiration Street’ for everyone who struggles to make the most out of their small garden space at the front of the house. With a maximum space of 5m x 4m to work with and set against a traditional street backdrop, you’re sure to come away with a few great ideas for your own home.

If you’re looking for an extra sense of luxury, or the perfect gift for a loved one, you can also purchase a VIP package and be treated to a special private breakfast or afternoon tea, complete with sandwiches, cakes, scones and other goodies. You can choose to be a VIP for the duration of whole show, or for individual days. Which is perfect if you’re after the special Sunday lunch option!

Price: Friday/Saturday £16.00, Sunday £14.50, Students £8.00, Under 16s Free


Romsey Show: 13th September
Romsey, Hampshire



The Romsey Agriculture and Horse Show may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for gardening shows around the UK, but with such strong local ties and a rich sense of history, it’s a superb chance to get stick into a show that’s been going strong for more than seventy years.

With a local gardening section, food zone (fresh with kids from Halterworth School getting their hands dirty with local produce) and live jazz and orchestra music throughout, we recommend the Romsey Show if you want a horticulture experience with more of a rustic feel than the traditional marquees and pavilions. Then there’s the main attractions; the wonderful livestock and recreation of life during the Great War, with a wealth of authentic equipment on show to give you the genuine World War I experience!

Price: £16.50 Adult, £14.50 Senior, £10.50 Young Adult (11-18), Under 11s Free


Malvern Autumn Show: 27th-28th September
Malvern, Worcestershire



Billing itself as “a true celebration of food, the countryside, gardening and nostalgia”, we can’t think of a better way to round off the summer than the Malvern Autumn Show. They have two large gardens featured on the Good Life Pavilion, as well as some agricultural experts to give you tips on how to better grow your own vegetables. Maybe well enough to enter the UK National Giant Vegetable Championships!

The Malvern Autumn Show also has a wealth of vintage décor. Where else can you find great horticulture right around the corner from a wartime pub, a traditional apple orchard and a fun fair with rides dating back to the 1900s? Or perhaps you’d rather venture over to the cooking theatre to get catch some expert demonstrations before delving into the myriad of local produce on offer? Either way, it’s a grand day out for all of the family, young and old!
Price: £17.00 Adult, £7.00 Children

Weight Loss Benefits

If you lose just 5% of your body weight you will sleep better and be far less grumpy according to recent research. Losing all those pounds could help you sleep for an average of 20 minutes longer each night. Such weight loss helps to reduce snoring and sleep apnoea and therefore helps you to sleep better.

Probably more important than that is the fact that being overweight increases you chances of having high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes – all of which could make you more susceptible to having a stroke.


If you snack on 50 grams of almonds a day you could reduce your risk of heart disease by increasing the antioxidants in your blood which in turn lowers your blood pressure.

Also eat avocado with spinach – that helps to reduce blood pressure too! Avocados are a great source of unsaturated fats and the green leafy spinach is full of nitrates. Both elements work together to make compounds called nitro fatty acids which are thought to keep you and your blood pressure healthy.

Plus you could help yourself by reducing your intake of wine to just one a day – drinking any more than that could increase your risk of heart disease too!

All is not lost though – believe it or not research in the USA has discovered that eating good quality dark chocolate might be good for your heart! The scientists found that good bacteria in your gut feast on the chocolate (after you have had your feast) and ferments it into anti-inflammatory compounds that are good for your heart.

DO eat lots of strawberries – they are in plentiful demand this summer. They could significantly reduce your risk of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.


DON’T burn that pork chop! Chargrilled meat could make you more likely to develop dementia because it contains compounds that could affect your memory.

Also if you can be more active and exercise three times a week you could reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s – even if it’s in your genes. US researchers found that brisk walking, swimming, cycling and jogging if you are able were the most beneficial. It is thought that the exercise helps to stop your brain from shrinking as you get older.

Laughter could improve your memory as it increases endorphins and sends dopamine to your brain which provides a sense of pleasure making the immune system work better and changes brainwave activity and improving your quality of life.

Sources: Yours, Memory in Mind, Stoke Association





Social Media Survey Results

Here at Chums we take great interest in how our customers interact with our website and also their other online activity such as social media engagement. We recently launched a survey looking into this, in order to help tailor our offering to better suit you and your online browsing habits. Here are the full results; thank you to everyone who helped us with this research!

Chums social media survey results

  • Facebook came out as the most popular social media platform in use, with over one-third of our respondents indicating that they use this on a weekly basis.
  • LinkedIn and Twitter were less popular, with just 5% of respondents saying they used either or both.
  • On average, 57% of respondents indicated that they did not use social media websites at all.

Click on the below results to expand our results breakdown:

weekly social media usage

device usage

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B. Check that the bra cups sit smoothly along your skin and cover your breasts so that there is  no spillage at the front or bulging out at the sides.

C. Ensure that the back strap or underband is flat, firm and flush to your back and in a comfortable position. Then to check for a perfect fit, do up the bra on the middle hook and you should not be able to slide your hand easily underneath that back strap.

D. Adjust the shoulder straps whilst standing straight. They should not be too tight or loose but you should be able to fit two fingers under them.

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