How Trousers Should Fit!

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Trousers act as an anchor for your stylish outfit. By swapping one pair for another you can completely change your image BUT you must make sure they fit properly.

Trousers are particularly important as the base of your outfit and the way they fit can determine whether your body appears short or tall. A high rise waist with along straight leg will make you appear taller whilst a leg finished off at the bottom by boot tucks, turn ups or other trouser breaks coupled with a low rise waist will make you appear shorter!

What is a trouser break? 

A ‘break’ is the fold or bend above the hemline which is created by the fabric where it meets your shoe. Thus the trouser kinks or breaks above your shoe. If a trouser has no break then the front only grazes the shoe and will be unbent. There are of course varying degrees of ‘break’ from ‘full’ break where it could develop two folds and look too long and a bit untidy depending on the trouser type through to ‘no’ break where there is no fold at all and could look a poor fit as it looks too short on you. A ‘half’ break is the optimum for most styles where the trouser bends is noticeably but not significantly.

Suit and formal trousers should sit a bit higher above your hip bones and fit nicely on the waist without the need for a belt although the belt would make the trouser look better. The key is to achieve some drape but avoid them looking too large or too loose – so avoid pleats!  A ‘half’ break would be the best for these trousers.

Cord and Chinos should fit a bit slimmer than formal or suit trousers and worn a bit lower on the waist normally. However men with a larger tummy might prefer a higher rise to sit above it! These styles are very popular in Cords in larger sizes. Chinos look better slim without being too slim in the seat so that the pocket flares out too much and doesn’t lay flat against the trouser. A full break in the leg looks the best on casual chinos and once again avoid front pleats to look good. When choosing your size please remember chinos will stretch slightly in the waist and seat with wear!

Jeans of course are the most casual of trouser styles and there a many options available. They tend to be worn and look at their best even lower on the waist than a chino by perhaps an inch or so. They are at their best slim and tight with a straight leg – they look flattering on most body types. However avoid jeans that are tight on the thigh and loose on the knee so a slight taper below the knee may be preferable if you have large thighs – beware! With jeans a minimum of a full break looks best with some people preferring longer legs that even break twice – racey eh?

One final short thought!

When choosing your trousers always remember trousers can be easily tailored to be shortened but rarely lengthened …

Christmas Craft Events Calendar

We’ve decided to create a Christmas Craft Events Calendar outlining the must-see festive craft fairs across the country. We spoke to some of our favourite craft bloggers to ask them for their insider’s tips on where to go to buy handmade, unique gifts for our loved ones.

This is who we collaborated with:

lily doughballLily is a south west blogger who enjoys nothing more than adventuring in and around Bristol, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or settling in front of the telly with a cuppa and a basket of knitting. You can catch her ramblings on all of the above, plus a little extra, at


Oh Hi DIY is a craft and lifestyle blog written by Cat, a Manchester girl with busy hands. Not content with just one type of craft, Cat’s blog covers sewing, baking, papercraft and more.


Dreams That Glitter xoxo is an online scrapbook written by Georgie who enjoys writing about her passion for crafting, DIY projects, beauty, fashion and the arts.

To view our Christmas Events Calendar, click here!

Five Lake District events for the family in September!

The Lake District is one of the best places to go if you’re looking for a fun day out along with beautiful scenery. With our guide, you’ll be able to get stuck in and experience the best local produce and heritage the area has to offer. Many events have been longstanding traditions, so if you really enjoy them you can rely on coming back again next year!

Below we’ve scoured the area for the best events, many of which are free so you’ve got no excuse not to take the whole family!

Loweswater Show: 7th September
Lorton Valley, Cockermouth



The Loweswater Show is a traditional day out that the whole family can enjoy. It’s one of the longer running entries on our list too, with this year marking their 138th show! Little has changed, though there’s little need to with the combination of luscious scenery and wealth of goods on offer. At the show there’ll be a wide variety of stalls selling local produce and wares in all shapes and sizes including jewellery, artwork, decorative flowers, handmade clothing, woodwork and all manner of food from cakes to sauces and even sushi!

You won’t be lacking entertain either with the likes of crafts and games for the young ‘uns and wrestling and the beer tent for the adults. Top it off with some traditional stall games and the local brass band and you may just struggle to get everything done. All the more reason to come back next year!

Free entry


Heritage Open Days: 11th to 14th September
Various locations around the UK and Lake District

Credit: Dayve Ward

Credit: Dayve Ward

For these four says in September, Heritage Open Days grants you free access to cultural sites that normally charge admission or aren’t open to the public at all! It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the Lake District and see what it has to offer. Over 1,400 organisations and 40,000 volunteers organise the opportunity to explore national heritage and culture, attracting over 1 million visitors to their sites making Heritage Open Days one of the country’s biggest cultural events.

For the Lake District area, we urge you to check out Beatrix Potter’s House near Sawrey in Ambleside. It’s open on Saturday from 10:30-16:00 and lets you explore the inspiration for all those classic tales you no doubt grew up with. Then it’s just a quick drive over to the Beatrix Potter Gallery in Hawkshead so you can get a great look at Peter Rabbit and his friends as this year the gallery looks at how her travels inspired her stories.

Heritage Open Days take place all around the country during this time, so if you can’t make it to the Lake District, be sure to check out what is open and going on around you to get stuck into places that are normally off limits.

Free entry to all sites


Orton Farmers Market: 13th and 14th September
Orton Market Hall, Penrith


There are many farmers’ markets across the country each month, but we’re hard pressed to recommend one more than than Orton Farmers’ Market, a former National Farmers Market of the year winner. Open from 9am until 2pm you’ll be able to shop everything from quality meat to fine chocolates! To get a better feel for the market, we spoke to their coordinator, Leanne:

“At Orton Farmers’ Market over 30 local farmers, growers, producers & artisan craftsmen offer a tremendous variety of high quality and speciality local produce and crafts.  It’s this variety of products that makes us a farmers market worth visiting over and over again!  With our FARMA accreditation we’re proud to offer visitors and locals alike genuine, quality products. Come and meet the producers of amazing food, drink & crafts.”

Free entry


Egremont Crab Fair: 20th September
Egremont, Cumbria



If the Loweswater Show was steeped in history, then the Egremont Crab Fair is practically drenched in it! Established in 1267 and granted by Royal Charter to Thomas de Multon, Lord of the Barony of Egremont (along with weekly Wednesday markets). The Lord of Egremont started the tradition of giving away crab apples, which continues to this day with the Parade of the Apple Cart.

As time has marched on, the fair has been reduced from three days to a single event and shifted to later in the month, but it has still endured and left behind a 747 year legacy and has become known for something entirely different as of late. As well as the usual festivities, the fair is known for hosting the World Gurning Championship. It’s open to all comers, so why not give it a try and see if you can become a world champion?

Price: £4.00 Adult, £2.00 OAP and Children


Eskdale Show: 27th September
Eskdale, Cumbria



To cap it all off, we have this relaxing show set against the Eskdale Fells. It is a mainstay for locals with plenty of vintage ties as old farm machinery and equipment along with iron working and wood turning is on show to demonstrate the agricultural graft the area is known for. On show will be animals of all kinds (including foxhounds and terriers), competitions to enter, sporting events for the kids and a tent just for tea and biscuits so you can take the load off.

Free entry