Solve the Christmas Shopping Puzzle with Ornate Jigsaw Puzzles from Chums

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but the festive period also brings a familiar tricky puzzle: what do you get for all your friends and family. The Chums online store is bursting with fantastic Christmas gift ideas to solve that particular puzzle, including a range of beautiful jigsaws.

From enjoyable pastimes to beautiful decorations, all of the jigsaw puzzles available from the Chums online store look simply beautiful. Many features painting and illustrations by esteemed British artists. Better yet, a great number feature festive scenes; making them perfect Christmas gifts and traditional stocking fillers.

Victorian Jigsaw Puzzle

Highlights of the collection include the atmospheric jigsaw, A Victorian Christmas Carol; just one of many puzzles in the collection featuring recreations of the exquisite works of the late Thomas Kinkade. Puzzlers can enjoy hours of fun completing the image and also looking for the hidden N which Kinkade included in each of his pictures following the passing of his late wife. His work was a tribute to her. Now these puzzles can be kind gestures from you to your loved ones to show just how much they mean to you at Christmas.

In addition to a gorgeous jigsaw puzzle, why not purchase the Portapuzzle. This handy new invention has been created to make it possible to take your incomplete jigsaw puzzles with you wherever you go. It’s the ideal size for laps and table tops so that jigsaws can be tackled practically anywhere. It features side panels to hold loose puzzle pieces as you plan your next move and then allow the container to fold away and fasten securely.

Pay a visit to today and choose from a wide variety of Christmas gift ideas and brand new clothing for the season.