That’s Entertainment: Classic TV in the Chums Christmas Gifts Collection

Everybody loves a classic British comedy at Christmas time, and many of the finest of all time are available now on DVD from the Chums online store. There are so many to choose from that shoppers are bound to find the perfect Christmas gift for even the trickiest friends and family members.

Comedies like Fawlty Towers, Steptoe & Son, Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em and Open All Hours are available now on high quality DVD presentations so all that all of the family can gather around the TV and enjoy a laugh or two. But there’s more to the home entertainment collection from Chums that just the laughers.

The Prisoner

The long running crime drama Dixon of Dock Green finally arrives on DVD and another acclaimed police procedural in Z Cars. Patrick McGoohan can be found in his iconic role as Number Six in legendary sci-fi The Prisoner, and the original Avengers are saving the world again and again in a number of great priced DVDs.

Doctor Who The Beginning

As the show celebrates its 50th anniversary, fans young and old can find out where it all began with the Doctor Who: The Beginning DVD Box Set, featuring the first three episodes of the beloved sci-fi show; including the introduction of the Daleks.

But what would Christmas be without those unforgettable Morecambe & Wise Christmas Specials. They’ve become as much a part of Christmas as crackers and the Queen’s speech. Now they can be enjoyed again and again on a fantastic BBC DVD.

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There’s Food & Drink for Everybody this Christmas at the Chums Online Store

If there’s one thing that everybody likes to do throughout the Christmas period, it’s indulge. Now, thanks to the Chums online store’s massive food and drink collection everybody can enjoy a delicious treat this Christmas, even sufferers of Diabetes.

Chums offer a wide variety of diabetic Christmas gifts and sets, with something to tantalise every taste. Their luxury hampers and Christmas gift ideas include big brands like Thorntons. Because Chums might be known for their affordable clothing collection, but that is far from all they specialise in. The true calling card of the store is delivering something for everybody, young or old; and their Christmas food collection is the perfect example of this.

Diabetic Sweets

The Diabetic Sweet Shop Selection Box is a sweetie lover’s dream. It’s a wonderful selection of eight bags of sugar free sweets, including everything from fruit salads and chocolate éclairs to blackcurrant and licquorice, mint humbugs, butter melts, chocolate limes, lemon sherbets and rhubarb and custards. There is a wealth of tasty treats available here; guaranteed to last long after the festive season.

The Ivy Hamper is amongst the premier Christmas hampers still available this year. It features everything from wine, beer and Irish cream to condiments, sweets, biscuits, chocolate and much more from the UK’s biggest brands. With so much to choose from, there is enough to cater to large families and ensure that visiting guests have plenty to enjoy when spreading glad tidings.

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Solve the Christmas Shopping Puzzle with Ornate Jigsaw Puzzles from Chums

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but the festive period also brings a familiar tricky puzzle: what do you get for all your friends and family. The Chums online store is bursting with fantastic Christmas gift ideas to solve that particular puzzle, including a range of beautiful jigsaws.

From enjoyable pastimes to beautiful decorations, all of the jigsaw puzzles available from the Chums online store look simply beautiful. Many features painting and illustrations by esteemed British artists. Better yet, a great number feature festive scenes; making them perfect Christmas gifts and traditional stocking fillers.

Victorian Jigsaw Puzzle

Highlights of the collection include the atmospheric jigsaw, A Victorian Christmas Carol; just one of many puzzles in the collection featuring recreations of the exquisite works of the late Thomas Kinkade. Puzzlers can enjoy hours of fun completing the image and also looking for the hidden N which Kinkade included in each of his pictures following the passing of his late wife. His work was a tribute to her. Now these puzzles can be kind gestures from you to your loved ones to show just how much they mean to you at Christmas.

In addition to a gorgeous jigsaw puzzle, why not purchase the Portapuzzle. This handy new invention has been created to make it possible to take your incomplete jigsaw puzzles with you wherever you go. It’s the ideal size for laps and table tops so that jigsaws can be tackled practically anywhere. It features side panels to hold loose puzzle pieces as you plan your next move and then allow the container to fold away and fasten securely.

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Purchase Breathtaking Jewllery for Christmas at the Chums Online Store

Jewellery has long been a staple of the Christmas gift giving tradition, with friends, families and loved ones demonstrating their affection for one another with breathtaking jewellery pieces. But now thanks to the Chums online store, it’s more affordable than ever before to choose a piece, which your loved one is guaranteed to swoon over, without breaking the bank.

The Chums jewellery collection contains watches, bracelets and much more from the Chums online store, shoppers are guaranteed to find something special for that special someone. All they have to do is explore the collection today.

Tennis bracelet

Highlights of the Chums jewellery collection include the Gold Plated Magnetic Tennis Bracelet with 26 Swarovski Diamonds. This beautiful and carefully finished bracelet displays 26 hand set Swarovski diamonds but it also carries a secret. This gold plated tennis bracelet also contains 12 cleverly concealed magnets which can help blood flow and circulation. Arresting to the eye and great for the body and mind, this bracelet is the perfect Christmas gift and it’s currently available for its lowest ever price. But shoppers should hurry because limited stock is available.

Radio Controlled Watch

The Radio Controlled Day/Date Watch with Brown Leather Strap, for him, is accurate to one second in a million years and automatically updates to the changing of the clocks. But in addition to being a highly accurate and useful timepiece this watch, with its brown leather strap, is above all else a great looking men’s accessory. It’s another example of the great Christmas gift ideas currently available from Chums.

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With Christmas Fragrances for Him and Her Chums is More than a Clothes Store

A beautiful new fragrance is one of the staple Christmas gifts which men and women all over the UK will gratefully receive this Christmas. Now, a wide variety of scents are available from the Chums online store.

With aftershaves and perfumes for him and her, along with a wide variety of other toiletries and make-up gift sets, the Chums online store is much more than a clothes store. Better yet, the Chums fragrance collection is brought to you with the same ideals for which the retailer is famous.

Chums specialise in quality with affordability and all of the aftershaves and perfumes available from Chums are yours for a fantastic price. This makes them ideal Christmas presents: the chance to treat friends and family to fantastic fragrances this Christmas without breaking the bank. Explore the entire collection today and choose the fragrances and fragrance sets for the people in your life.

Gloria Vanderbilt

Highlights of the range include Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt. This soft, oriental floral eau de toilette is presented in a beautiful atomiser bottle made from glass etched with the signature Vanderbilt swan. It’s just one of the perfumes available for competitively low prices.

Eau de Brut

Men don’t miss out either with 100ml bottles of Eau de Brut aftershave now more affordable than ever before. Buy one bottle of Brut aftershave from the Chums online store and receive a second bottle absolutely free. You could purchase two gifts in one, or keep the second bottle for yourself.

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Don’t Be Caught Short For Christmas Gift Ideas, Head to Chums Online Store

It’s that time of year that everybody starts feeling a little more festive, but for some that brings the headache of choosing gifts for friends and family. Thankfully the Chums online store is on hand to present shoppers with a wide variety Christmas gift ideas which are as fun as they are affordable.

From games and handy helpers for around the home to clothes and accessories guaranteed to look great this winter, a wide variety of gifts are available for him and her.


Highlights of the collection include the brilliant Portapuzzle (Code: AH212). It’s now possible to take as long as you like to complete a jigsaw thanks to this extra secure new puzzle sleeve. The Portapuzzle is the ideal size for laps and table tops. This means that puzzles can be tackled practically anywhere. A pair of side panels are ideal for organising loose puzzle pieces and then allow the container to fold away and fasten securely.

Ladies will love the Wizzit, a fast, clean and virtually painless way to remove unwanted hairs, leaving skin smooth, silky and stubble free. We all find tricky, stubborn hairs here or there, but now they can be dealt with as quick as a flash; allowing you to look good and feel even better all of the time. Girls can complete their makeover with the superb 7 piece manicure set which now comes completely free with each Wizzit.

For sports fans, there are the Classic Supporters Rugby Shirts. Fans of England, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa will delight in receiving a shirt sporting a fully embroidered emblem on the chest and an embroidered flag on the sleeve. They’re ideal for showing your true colours during all of the festive fun.

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Chums Shoppers Prize Value and Quality Over Designer Labels

A recent survey of Chums customers has highlighted that they value quality and reliability over fashionable brand names. They also choose Chums for the wide selection of sizes available on many lines.

More than 2,200 Chums shoppers completed the recent survey questionnaire, which was designed to gauge attitudes to clothes shopping online. The vast majority of respondents were aged 55 and over, with almost 50% in the 65 to 74 age demographic alone.

Perhaps unsurprisingly they favoured value for money and comfort over style and designer labels.

Less than 5% of answerers chose ‘style’ as the most important factor when shopping for clothes online. Incredibly, less than 1% chose designer labels.
Of course, a number of prestigious clothing labels are available from the Chums online store, including Farah, Wolsey, Tootal, Pegasus and Skopes. But at Chums, these brands are available for a fantastically low price.

But when asked to choose the most important factor when shopping for clothes online, the majority of Chums shoppers picked price and not designer or brand.

More than 33% of respondents chose ‘value’ as the most important factor, while close to 25% said that ‘quality’ was the most important factor.

Low prices can be deceptive if clothing is poor in quality. Some low cost retailers offer clothing which only lasts for one or two washes. This means that customers who had been looking for a bargain, wind up spending more to replace these items.

At Chums, quality clothing remains comfortable and good looking, long after the season’s end; making great value even greater.

With over 20% of the vote, the third most important factor when shopping for clothes online was ‘size’. Here the Chums store really comes into its own; having garnered a fine reputation over the years for its massive selection of sizes.

The Chums ethos has always centred on the idea that everybody deserves to look and feel great. That’s why they specialise in clothing lines with wide varieties of sizes, large and small.

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Chums Reveals the Pro’s and Con’s of Online Clothes Shopping

A recent survey carried out by low cost fashion retailer Chums has revealed the benefits and the drawbacks of online shopping; with the majority of respondents heralding the ability to shop from home as the most important factor.

More than 2,200 existing Chums shoppers took part in the survey, designed to analyse attitudes toward shopping for clothes online. Around three quarters of respondents were 55 and older with almost half aged between 65 and 74.

For these online shoppers, the comfort of shopping at home vastly outweighed other factors.

Almost 45% of the people who filled out the questionnaire called armchair shopping the greatest benefit of shopping online for clothing. Next up, with less than 20% of the vote was a wider selection of items.

The Chums online store is a goldmine of affordably priced clothing, textiles, mobility products and much more. The site boasts even more great pieces than the mailing catalogues which go out each month; and helped to make Chums the institution it is today.

Chums began as a mail order fashion catalogue and have since become one of the very biggest online retailers for shoppers of a certain age. These days the Chums online store features even more great value pieces than their famous catalogues.

When it comes to drawbacks, the inability to try on clothing, before purchasing it, ranks as the major factor with Chums shoppers. Thankfully, unwanted items can be returned to Chums FREE OF CHARGE and get a refund or exchange.

In the meantime, it couldn’t be simpler to shop for comfortable and reliable fashion items by major brands like Farah, Wolsey, Tootal, Pegasus and Skopes; and customers can do it all from their own homes.

Pay a visit to today to explore the brand new Chums clothing collection for winter 2013. You’ll find high quality, low cost clothing for men and women; in addition to textiles, lifestyle and mobility products or gift ideas for Christmas and beyond.