Where to wear

Ever find yourself with an occasion to attend and no idea what the dress code means? What even is smart casual anyway? And what’s the difference between a suit and a tux?

We’re here to help by providing you with five popular types of trousers and fabric, and advice on when to wear them.


Jeans are a wonderfully flexible piece of clothing that will suit any casual and smart casual dress code. It all depends on what you decide to style them with.

How to Style Them
For a fully casual look, wear jeans with either a t-shirt or a jumper with a pair of casual trainers or shoes. If you’re attending a smart casual event, you can dress your jeans up with a shirt, a leather belt and smart shoes.

If you do decide to wear jeans for a smart casual event, choose a pair that are darker in colour and without any rips or artificial fading.

Where to wear: Day festivals, shopping trips, informal lunch or dinners, visiting family.


Chinos, like jeans, can be styled in so many ways. They come in so many different colours, so you might choose a darker colour for an evening style, or lighter colours for daytime or summertime.

How to Style Them
Chinos are slightly smarter than jeans and would work well as a smart casual look as well. Wear them with trainers and a T-shirt, or smart shoes and a blazer. Unlike jeans, they also go with a shirt and tie, so they’re a great option for (almost) any smart casual occasion.

They come in tonnes of shapes, from slim-fit to stretch, with or without pockets,
elasticated waists, or straight fit. You’re bound to find a style that suits you.

Where to wear: A night out or drinking session, informal lunch or dinner, the office


Corduroy is a material that has been around for centuries. It was a popular fabric for school uniforms in the early 1900s and then was used for sporting and military wear. Since then it has become a fashionable fabric that comes in all kinds of styles and colours.

How to Style Them
You can pair corduroys with some smart shoes and shirt and tie, or equally dress them down with a casual jumper or t-shirt. The only time you can’t wear your corduroy trousers is for a formal or business occasion.

Where to wear: A birthday party, family dinner or day trips.


A tuxedo is for formal evening events, and it’s inappropriate to wear one before 5pm. There isn’t much of a difference between a tuxedo and a suit except a tuxedo has satin lapels, buttons, pocket trim and a stripe down the leg of the trousers.

How to Style Them
A tuxedo will almost always be worn with a black bow tie. You should polish up your best Oxford shoes and wear with black socks (no pink stripes in sight, please). Finish the look with your best cufflinks, a dress watch and a white silk pocket square.

Where to wear: A formal dinner party, an opera, ballet or orchestra performance, anywhere with a ‘Black Tie’ dress code.


A suit is a much more informal look than a tuxedo. You can have a little bit more fun with a suit, choosing mismatching blazer and trousers, an assortment of colours, slim fit, skinny fit, different trouser lengths, different coloured ties. Your options are endless depending on where you’re going.

How to Style Them
Brown leather always goes well with a blue suit, so pair a brown leather belt and shoes with your navy blue trousers. If you’re wearing a grey or black suit, then choose a black belt and shoes.

For a more informal suit look, leave the buttons undone, but if you’re attending a wedding, it’s best to keep them buttoned.

Where to wear: Job interviews, business events, a wedding, a first date

An active Summer style guide for men

Getting some well-needed fresh air and exercise during the summer months is great for both our physical and mental health. In fact, a government survey revealed that over half of the population make at least one or more leisure visits to the outdoors each week. But in order to enjoy the most of your outdoor activities, you need to be comfortable, prepared and dressed to go…

The UK is home to 15 official sublime national parks and numerous untouched nature reserves just waiting for you to experience them this summer. From distilled reflective lakes to the grounding peaks of Snowdonia, inexpensive summer walks are guaranteed to leave you feeling richer in mind, body and soul.

Cargo shorts
Emphasizing comfort, elasticated waist cargo shorts are both lightweight and utilitarian. Perfect for that midday summer heat, these cooling shorts are easy to travel with and machine washable for any unexpected mucky paw prints.

Breathable layers
If you’re heading out for a long day of walking, be prepared to sweat it out. Wearing a breathable fabric means your body moisture can be released, avoiding an uncomfortable damp t-shirt.

Reusable water bottle
Instead of opting for a heavy aluminum or tin bottle, hands-free, plastic water pouches are the perfect method of fuss-free hydration out and about.

Waterproof walking boots
The most crucial part of any walking outfit, a hard-wearing but comfortable boot, will ensure your trip isn’t cut short by aching feet. A breathable and waterproof shoe will battle the unreliable British elements.

According to a survey last year, avid UK golfers spend around £4 billion on their sport. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a part time beginner, with around 3,000 golf courses here in Britain, there are plenty of courses to try your hand at this summer.

The iconic tank top/sweater vest
Marrying tailored fashion with sporting etiquette, the iconic golfing tank-top need not be an expensive or bold purchase. A simple cotton navy or grey sweater vest will team well with a smart trouser for a suave sporting look.

Elasticated chinos
Having a full range of movement is essential if you want to be on your A game. Restricting trousers will drive you insane and putt you at a distinct disadvantage. Consider taking a spare pair in case you get a hole in one..

According to Sporting England, just under half of UK respondents participated in their main outdoor activity with their parents/guardians/family. Fishing is a great way to spend quality outdoor time with friends or family in a serene backdrop. However, as it’s a waiting game, you’ll need to make comfort a priority, and prepare for a change in the climate.

A waterproof but warm gilet is staple fishing attire. Choosing one with multiple pockets to keep all your hooks and bait handy is favourable, but comfort and flexibility should be a key priority. Machine washable, lightweight cottons are highly recommended

Fishing hat
A hat will deduct glare, allowing you to spot fish more easily under the water whilst protecting you from the sun. Full-brimmed bucket style hats offer wider protection to baseball-style caps.

Fleece lined trousers
Despite the summer weather, spending long hours fishing means temperatures will drop dramatically leaving you to feel the chill. It’s a great idea to pack a pair of warm fleece-lined trousers to cover all bases.


How Trousers Should Fit!

Top Tips …

Trousers act as an anchor for your stylish outfit. By swapping one pair for another you can completely change your image BUT you must make sure they fit properly.

Trousers are particularly important as the base of your outfit and the way they fit can determine whether your body appears short or tall. A high rise waist with along straight leg will make you appear taller whilst a leg finished off at the bottom by boot tucks, turn ups or other trouser breaks coupled with a low rise waist will make you appear shorter!

What is a trouser break? 

A ‘break’ is the fold or bend above the hemline which is created by the fabric where it meets your shoe. Thus the trouser kinks or breaks above your shoe. If a trouser has no break then the front only grazes the shoe and will be unbent. There are of course varying degrees of ‘break’ from ‘full’ break where it could develop two folds and look too long and a bit untidy depending on the trouser type through to ‘no’ break where there is no fold at all and could look a poor fit as it looks too short on you. A ‘half’ break is the optimum for most styles where the trouser bends is noticeably but not significantly.

Suit and formal trousers should sit a bit higher above your hip bones and fit nicely on the waist without the need for a belt although the belt would make the trouser look better. The key is to achieve some drape but avoid them looking too large or too loose – so avoid pleats!  A ‘half’ break would be the best for these trousers.

Cord and Chinos should fit a bit slimmer than formal or suit trousers and worn a bit lower on the waist normally. However men with a larger tummy might prefer a higher rise to sit above it! These styles are very popular in Cords in larger sizes. Chinos look better slim without being too slim in the seat so that the pocket flares out too much and doesn’t lay flat against the trouser. A full break in the leg looks the best on casual chinos and once again avoid front pleats to look good. When choosing your size please remember chinos will stretch slightly in the waist and seat with wear!

Jeans of course are the most casual of trouser styles and there a many options available. They tend to be worn and look at their best even lower on the waist than a chino by perhaps an inch or so. They are at their best slim and tight with a straight leg – they look flattering on most body types. However avoid jeans that are tight on the thigh and loose on the knee so a slight taper below the knee may be preferable if you have large thighs – beware! With jeans a minimum of a full break looks best with some people preferring longer legs that even break twice – racey eh?

One final short thought!

When choosing your trousers always remember trousers can be easily tailored to be shortened but rarely lengthened …

Cotton on to these Summer Checks!

Yes, this summer, checks are trending. Check shirts for men and check blouses for the ladies in natural fabrics are all the rage online and at Chums it’s no different. Check out these super summer short sleeve shirts with three superb examples for men in a great range of sizes up to 4XL and two fashionable styles for ladies from size 10 rights up to size 26 in the coolest 100% cotton around.


If Tootal is your brand of choice there’s a casual mens polo shirt in a stylish yarn dye in beige or blue with contrast overcheck and you can now save £10 off the previous prices (style ML235) whatever your size.

A classic easy fitting button through mens check shirt with a single chest pocket looks just the part (style MF240) this time available in a choice of 3 colours a natural oatmeal, unusual lovat and of course again the ever-popular blue now from only £14.99 when you buy a couple.

Then there’s the traditional tattersall check shirt in blue, green or classic beige backgrounds. Buttoned through and with a single chest pocket, this style never fails to look great on a guy (style MF241). Buy 2 of these shirts you can now save £6 off all sizes!

Right now you can see similar trends for the ladies with a classic check blouse sporting a button through placket and stylish tab buttoned short sleeves. Style LN112 looks great in the available colourways of a blue mix or a green mix, always popular this summer. Again you can save £10 off previous prices when you buy now.

Another attractive short sleeve button through blouse is style LN070 available in a wider choice of 3 colours – pink, blue or apple green. With 3 colours to select from, you can save £10 when you buy any 2 of them.

So whatever you’re doing or wherever you’re going, there’s a style or two for you in your size. You’ll look smart and bang on fashion this summer without spending a fortune. Check them all out now!

Listening to our customers’ comfort problems resulted in the development of a superb trouser which is probably the most comfortable cotton trouser with expanding waistband available today!

Many men struggle with an expanding waistline which in turn creates continual fitting problems meaning their trousers are either too tight or too loose. Chums design team have put their heads together resulting in the creation of the Ultimate Comfort Trouser. The secret to the success in solving the waistline problem is the development of the Chums expandable waistband, a tailoring coup that has proved most popular with our customers, old and new. Yes, a complete 360 degree stretch waistband with draw cord was the answer!


Order Style: MT040 provides you with up to 2 inches of extra ‘growing room’ that helps you breathe after a big meal, enabling your tummy to expand or contract with real comfort! In a range of waist sizes from 32” to 54” and 4 leg lengths, there is a size combination to fit anyone – plus 5 great colours to select from.

Chums tailors have used a 100% Cotton fabric to produce this classic leisure trouser, soft and cool for summer with the benefit of being machine washable which is an important consideration with dry cleaning so costly.

It’s the perfect trouser for weekends, holidays or everyday casual wear and outstanding value. We’ve listened to you – thank you!

Great Value Men’s Multi Pocketed Cotton Trouser and Shorts available from the Chums online store now.

When you’re planning your holiday this Spring or Summer, whether it’s a trip to the Cornish Riviera or a safari in Africa, these rugged trousers and shorts are just the things for you. Tailored in a soft touch 100% pure Cotton fabric, they have a luxurious feel for supreme comfort yet are tough enough for anything you’re planning. The multi pocketed design is so handy to keep all your bits and bobs in securely during your adventures without the need of a ‘man bag’!


Cargo Multi Pocket Trousers

Both styles,( MT277 Trousers and MS148 Shorts), have discreet side elastication that allows the waist 2 further inches of expansion ensuring total comfort and flexibility.

The trousers are in waist sizes from 32” up to 50” and 4 leg lengths and the shorts are in sizes up to 54” waist, so there’s a size to fit you. And with 4 colours to choose from – Navy, Airforce, Khaki and Stone – there will never be a better time to stock up.

The prices start from just £15.99 when you buy 2 or more pairs – such great value online at www.chums.co.uk .

Classic Mens Farah Trousers from the Chums Winter Catalogue

The Chums online store is a fantastic destination for traditional men’s fashion for winter. With a wide range of stylish and cost effective clothing, and much more, Chums caters to all fashion tastes and other interests. One of the most popular items currently available from the store is the large collection of classic Farah trousers for men.

Exquisitely tailored and affordably priced, Farah trousers are one of the staples of the Chums collection. The brand is one of the pillars of the UK fashion industry and has been for years. For men with a pair of comfortable and great looking Farah trousers, it is easy to see why.

With several pairs available for less than £30 the Chums range of Farah trousers is ideal for the money conscious shopper and since Chums specialises in delivering a wide range of sizes you can be confident of finding something to fit.

Farah trousers are also great as a gift and gives gents have something new to wear for work or any other occasion. Each pair of Farah trousers is available in a choice of colours and there is a style for every taste.


Popular Farah trousers include the Farah Flex Trousers (Code: MT214) which include a self adjusting waistband that will allow for men to continue to wear their trousers comfortably, even if they gain a few pounds. This is understandably important after Christmas holiday period.

Farah Frogmouth Trousers

Also available are the Farah Frogmouth Pocket Trousers (MT129) and Farah Side Slant Pocket Trousers (MT164) which offer contemporary style mixed with Farah’s classic tailoring.

Online shoppers will find waist sizes 32” to 64” along with four leg length choices from 27” to 33”.

Explore all of the Farah trousers available, along with a host of clothing, home entertainment, fragrances, food and much more. All you have to do is head to http://www.chums.co.uk

Save Up To Half Price on Clothing and Much More with the Chums Winter Sale

The winter sale from Chums is now available and online shoppers can save up to half price on a wide variety of high quality men’s and ladies clothing, footwear, textiles and lifestyle products.

Chums is a popular UK retailer, famous for providing quality clothing by respected brands, for affordably low prices. Now, the store presents its best ever priced collection, with something for just about everyone.

Mens Tweedy Trousers

This winter, two bestselling pairs of mens trousers are available for just £14.99 for all sizes; a saving of half price. The Tweedy Effect Trousers (Code: MT290) provide the wearer with up to 2 inches of stretch on either side. This could come in especially handy through the holiday period and into the New Year; since everybody knows how easy it is to overindulge.

These trousers are available in grey, olive or brown and the widest range of sizes possible, so that nobody needs to miss out on this great value deal.

Mens Trousers

The Classic Hopsack Trouser (Code: MT286) is another classic style, made with thoroughly modern tailoring and available in an even larger array of sizes. Customers can choose between taupe, brown or grey varieties of this all new hopsack fabric.

For just £15.00, ladies can pick up the cosy Quilted Gilet (Code: LF113). This stylish winter jacket features a contemporary mandarin collar and two handy front zip pockets. Made from 100% polyester and available in a choice of navy or mushroom, the Quilted Gilet is already extremely popular with Chums shoppers, but its popularity it set to improve thanks to a brilliant 40% off deal.

These are just a few of the brilliant special offer prices currently available from the Chums online store. Right now, customers can save up to 50% off the full range of Chums curtains, sheets, throws, bedspreads and mattress toppers. While a range of multibuys and Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals are also available.

Pay a visit to http://www.chums.co.uk today to take advantage of the fantastic Chums winter sale. You’ll find brand new fashion items, textiles, and much more, available for the best prices ever offered.

Chums Shoppers Prize Value and Quality Over Designer Labels

A recent survey of Chums customers has highlighted that they value quality and reliability over fashionable brand names. They also choose Chums for the wide selection of sizes available on many lines.

More than 2,200 Chums shoppers completed the recent survey questionnaire, which was designed to gauge attitudes to clothes shopping online. The vast majority of respondents were aged 55 and over, with almost 50% in the 65 to 74 age demographic alone.

Perhaps unsurprisingly they favoured value for money and comfort over style and designer labels.

Less than 5% of answerers chose ‘style’ as the most important factor when shopping for clothes online. Incredibly, less than 1% chose designer labels.
Of course, a number of prestigious clothing labels are available from the Chums online store, including Farah, Wolsey, Tootal, Pegasus and Skopes. But at Chums, these brands are available for a fantastically low price.

But when asked to choose the most important factor when shopping for clothes online, the majority of Chums shoppers picked price and not designer or brand.

More than 33% of respondents chose ‘value’ as the most important factor, while close to 25% said that ‘quality’ was the most important factor.

Low prices can be deceptive if clothing is poor in quality. Some low cost retailers offer clothing which only lasts for one or two washes. This means that customers who had been looking for a bargain, wind up spending more to replace these items.

At Chums, quality clothing remains comfortable and good looking, long after the season’s end; making great value even greater.

With over 20% of the vote, the third most important factor when shopping for clothes online was ‘size’. Here the Chums store really comes into its own; having garnered a fine reputation over the years for its massive selection of sizes.

The Chums ethos has always centred on the idea that everybody deserves to look and feel great. That’s why they specialise in clothing lines with wide varieties of sizes, large and small.

Pay a visit to http://www.chums.co.uk today to explore the brand new Chums clothing collection for winter 2013. You’ll find high quality, low cost clothing for men and women; in addition to textiles, lifestyle and mobility products or gift ideas for Christmas and beyond.

Chums Reveals the Pro’s and Con’s of Online Clothes Shopping

A recent survey carried out by low cost fashion retailer Chums has revealed the benefits and the drawbacks of online shopping; with the majority of respondents heralding the ability to shop from home as the most important factor.

More than 2,200 existing Chums shoppers took part in the survey, designed to analyse attitudes toward shopping for clothes online. Around three quarters of respondents were 55 and older with almost half aged between 65 and 74.

For these online shoppers, the comfort of shopping at home vastly outweighed other factors.

Almost 45% of the people who filled out the questionnaire called armchair shopping the greatest benefit of shopping online for clothing. Next up, with less than 20% of the vote was a wider selection of items.

The Chums online store is a goldmine of affordably priced clothing, textiles, mobility products and much more. The site boasts even more great pieces than the mailing catalogues which go out each month; and helped to make Chums the institution it is today.

Chums began as a mail order fashion catalogue and have since become one of the very biggest online retailers for shoppers of a certain age. These days the Chums online store features even more great value pieces than their famous catalogues.

When it comes to drawbacks, the inability to try on clothing, before purchasing it, ranks as the major factor with Chums shoppers. Thankfully, unwanted items can be returned to Chums FREE OF CHARGE and get a refund or exchange.

In the meantime, it couldn’t be simpler to shop for comfortable and reliable fashion items by major brands like Farah, Wolsey, Tootal, Pegasus and Skopes; and customers can do it all from their own homes.

Pay a visit to http://www.chums.co.uk today to explore the brand new Chums clothing collection for winter 2013. You’ll find high quality, low cost clothing for men and women; in addition to textiles, lifestyle and mobility products or gift ideas for Christmas and beyond.