Chums Unveils New Range of Gardening Equipment in Time for Spring

Chums online store highlights a range of useful gardening equipment to help shoppers prepare their gardens for spring and summer.

The popular online retailer Chums has unveiled a range of brilliant gardening equipment in time for spring, and a number of garden edging products which customers can use to transform the look of their garden space.

With spring fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to spend a little time preparing the garden for all the fun of the season. Thanks to the Chums online store, you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

Garden edging allows homeowners to line their lawns, flower beds and garden areas with attractive features, such as brick work and much more. Each affordable garden edging solution available from the Chums online store is guaranteed to improve the look of any garden space, and create an inviting, visually appealing space in which to spend time over spring and summer.

Customers can choose between stone effect, wrought iron, brick effect and pebble garden edging, all of which are great value for money. Each offers a different look, and shoppers are sure to find something that suits their garden, and looks great.

A range of useful accessories and gardening equipment is also available, from garden shears to a terrific 3 in 1 traditional lawnmower. This amazing lawnmower delivers a beautifully striped lawn, whilst aerating and scarifying the ground. Best of all it requires no electricity, which means no cables or running costs. The traditional lawn mower is push powered by you.

The range also includes the versatile trolley, and indispensable garden accessory which transforms in seconds from a sack barrow to a hand truck. Once customers have used the versatile garden trolley for hauling heavy loads, bags and other equipment, they’ll wonder how they ever did without it.

The entire garden edging and gardening equipment range is available now from the Chums online store.