The Home of the Future, From the Past!

The movies marked 2015 as the year we should all be whizzing around on ‘hover-boards’ and hydrating food in an instant. Of course, movies want to glamorise the future as much as possible, but that got us thinking what technology we were actually expecting once 2015 arrived.

We asked 1,000 people what they thought they would see in the ‘2015 home of the future’ back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The results weren’t always too far off, but show the modern home has a few improvements to make if we’re to meet our past expectations. See our findings below as well as what we thought the home of 2015 was going to look like!

Our top 10 fixtures of the ‘2015 home of the future’ were:

  1. Video phones (33%)
  2. Home computers (29%)
  3. Voice command appliances (25%)
  4. Robot servants (21%)
  5. Food in pill form (19%)
  6. Full wall TV screens (19%)
  7. Self-driving cars (18%)
  8. 3D TVs (17%)
  9. Voice command utilities (14%)
  10. Jetpacks (12%)

HOME illustration