Chums Online Store Launches Brand New Lifestyle Products

The Chums online store has launched a wide variety of brand new lifestyle products, many of which are available for reduced special offer prices.

Some of the products available are useful and others are great looking decorative pieces for the home. Customers will also find a variety of gift ideas and there’s never been a better time to shop since many are cost less than ever. But the highlights of the Chums lifestyle range for autumn winter have to be a pair of household electricals which combine classic home accessories with ultra modern technology.

Chums has gone back in time to deliver a brilliant GPO Cabinet Radio and an electronic typewriter which allows shoppers to compose professional letters and documents without the need for a computer.

GPO Cabinet Radio

With retro design but crystal clear modern audio quality, the GPO cabinet radio (Code: AH895) is a must have for fans of yesteryear glamour. Bring memories of the good old days flooding back with the rich warm sounds from this wood effect cabinet and traditional woven speaker grill. This brilliant radio is the height of retro chic; no excess baggage or overbearing technology, just a classic radio for lovers of the finer things.

Now, Chums shoppers can purchase the GPO cabinet radio for just £69.99. That’s a saving of £30.00 against the recommended retail price.

electronic typewriter

The electronic typewriter (Code: AX641) is now available for just £179.99 and no computer is required, so users can keep their expenditure to a bare minimum, without compromising on the quality of written documents. Customers don’t just save money but hassle too since no complicated computer programs are required. The portable Leader MD Electronic Typewriter creates professional letters and all the user needs to do is plug in and type away.

It’s fast, quiet and highly portable, making it one of the clear highlights in the range. It’s also one of the very best typewriters available anywhere in the world.

Pay a visit to the Chums online store today and find out more about all of the lifestyle products available and their unbeatable prices.