7 of the best gadgets for seniors

7 of the best gadgets for seniors

Do you struggle to keep up with the latest technology? Maybe your children or grandchildren regularly update their mobile phones and televisions and you find it difficult to understand the jargon.

However, the truth is some technology could make your life easier. We’ve compiled a list of the top gadgets that could help you.

  1. Big button mobile phones and handsets

As you get older, you might find it harder to read things than you used to due to eyesight deterioration. This means that screens and buttons on mobile phones can be more difficult to see. Chums offers a selection of big button mobile phones and handsets for ease of use and visibility. These mobile phones carry basic technology that is simple to understand and convenient for everyday purposes.

These phones have extra large buttons to reduce the risk of spelling mistakes or dialling the wrong number. The bigger buttons allow the text on each button to be larger too which means the numbers will be easier to read. These phones have excellent battery life which can last around eight days on standby.

If you often find that you’ve missed a phone call because you didn’t hear the phone ring, these mobile phones boast an extra loud ringer so you won’t miss an important call again. They could make staying in touch with your family and loved ones that bit more straightforward.

You can also get big button handsets if you prefer to use a house phone to a mobile phone. Just like their mobile equivalents, their buttons are bigger than standard and they’re louder than standard phones. These handsets are also compatible with hearing aids.

2. Magnifier

Whether it’s a newspaper, book or crossword puzzle, reading might be a big part of your life. However, if you’re struggling to see standard size text, then you may need a magnifier. A magnifier will make the words appear bigger and they’ll be easier to read. Some magnifiers also come with LED lights that can light up the page in dim rooms.

3. Grabbing tool

Bending to pick something up off the floor might not be as easy as it used to be and you could risk falling over. A grabbing tool is a metal stick with a handle that allows you to easily pick up socks and other objects that are on the floor.

They’re also useful for picking up items that are on a high shelf. Step ladders aren’t very stable and it’s easy to fall off them, so a grabbing tool would be much safer.

4. Automatic pill dispenser

If you’re taking multiple pills every day, it can be easy to get your doses mixed up or take the incorrect medication. Pill bottles are often small with tiny writing on them which can be difficult to read. Taking the incorrect dose of medication is one of the main reasons seniors end up in hospital. This hospital trip could be avoided with an automatic pill dispenser.

Dispensers come in a range of prices and styles. The pills can be loaded weekly or monthly depending on which type you buy. Some dispensers have a flashing light or an alarm which can alert you if you’ve forgotten to take a tablet. Some can text your carer to let them know that your medication has been taken correctly.

Certain models have a screen on the front that displays the date and the time that the next dose is due. This makes it almost impossible to miss a dose.

All dispensers are battery powered which means you can carry them on the go as well.

5. Automatic can and jar opener

As we get older, the function in our hands can diminish which means that simple tasks such as opening tin cans or using cutlery can be difficult, especially for those who suffer with conditions like arthritis. The good news is, there are additional gadgets for arthritis sufferers that you may find useful too.

For example, those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome often struggle to open tins and jars because of their decreased grip strength. If you live alone, this can become a problem.

You could invest in an automatic tin opener that uses a magnet to hold itself to the top of a tin. At the push of a button, the automatic tin opener gets to work and creates a safe, blunt edge to minimise the chance of you cutting yourself. It could save you lots of time and is a handy gadget to have at home.

You can also buy rubber devices that help you to open jars. For someone with reduced dexterity, jars can be almost impossible to open. Invest in a jar opener that slots onto the top of a jar and does most of the hard work for you.

6. Easy grip cutlery

If you’re always dropping your cutlery or you find it difficult to grip properly, you could benefit from comfort grip cutlery. It has extra wide handles that are made of rubber to give you a more stable hold, and they’re dishwasher safe for easy washing too.

You can buy weighted or unweighted versions. The weighted version could help you control the cutlery better and the unweighted design is ideal for those with a weaker grip.

7. Key turner

A key turner is a small plastic device that you can add to your house keys. They come in bright colours which makes your keys easier to find. They also make the surface area of the key bigger, making it more manageable to grip and turn in the lock. This reduces the chance of dropping your keys or spending a long period of time trying to fit them into the door.

There are so many gadgets on the market that have been designed to make your life simpler. In some cases, they allow people their independence and to keep in contact with family members more easily. We hope you have enjoyed reading what we think are the top seven gadgets for seniors but obviously there are so many gadgets on the market that can make your life easier and more efficient.

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